Conan and the People of the Black Circle

Genres: Action, Adventure
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Vol 1: October 2013 – January 2014
“Two of the hottest names in comicswriter Fred Van Lente and artist Ariel Olivettireunite for a brutal Conan epic like no other! Assassins, dark magic, and a beautiful noblewoman mean trouble for the Cimmerian barbarian unlike he’s ever seen in this full-tilt escapade through the mountains of Afghulistan! * Conan like you’ve never seen himfully painted by Olivetti! * A new miniseries set a decade after the Conan ongoing!
“””Van Lente display(s)… masterful ability to write entertaining stories¦Olivetti’s…painterly style gives the imagery an ethereal quality that seems based in reality, but shrouded in the mystery of myth.””“Comic Book Resources”.