Congo Bill

Genres: Action, Adventure, Superhero
Publisher: DC Comics

Vol 1: Aug/Sep 1954 – Aug/Sep 1955
The intrepid explorer Congo Bill, who had first appeared in More Fun Comics#56 got his own title in August 1954. Along with his leopard -skin clad sidekick Janu, Congo Bill protected Africa’s people and wildlife from exploitation. Later, Bill would become the super hero Congorilla by transferring his consciousness to the body of an ape called the Golden Gorilla. Although Congo Bill only lasted 7 issues, it set the stage for Congorilla and Golden Gorilla story lines that would unfold across different titles over the next few decades.

Vol 2: October 1999 – January 2000
The jungle adventurer, the golden ape, and the strange power that links them return with a vengeance in a new VERTIGO miniseries that blends big guns, war action, black magic, and real-life historical events into a potent brew. A crack team of black ops travels deep into war-torn Africa on a mission so covert that only their team leader knows their objective… a horror surpassing their wildest imagination. The journey down river will test the limits of their skill and endurance, but for one team member, the key to survival is far more complex. For something else has followed him into the jungle. Something he cannot hope to escape.