Danger Trail

Genres: Action, Adventure
Publisher: DC Comics

Vol 1: Jul/Aug 1950 – Mar/Apr 1951

Vol 2: April 1993 – July 1993
King Faraday – secret agent, spy, adventurer – now stars in his own miniseries, DANGER TRAIL. When the Central Bureau of Intelligence receives word that the assistant of an abducted physicist is in possession of sensitive information, Faraday is sent to Russia to rescue her and retrieve the information. The danger involved is that the abductor is Kobra, one of the most insidious super-villains ever to stalk the planet. His plan is to turn what could be a great boon to mankind into a weapon for destruction and personal gain. It’s up to King Faraday to get the girl to safety, render Kobra’s threat harmless, rescue the captured scientist and destroy Kobra’s organization. All in a day’s work…!