DC Comics Presents

Genres: Action, Adventure, Superhero
Publisher: DC Comics

Vol 1: July, 1978
DC Comics Presents was published from July of 1978 until September of 1986. The series featured Superman teaming up with a different hero (or heroes) with each issue. It was modeled after the formula employed in the Batman team-up book, The Brave and the Bold (Volume 1). DC Comics Presents #97 represents one of the final appearances of the Silver Age Superman.

Vol 2: July, 1978
In 2004, the title DC Comics Presents was revived for a series of eight one-shot issues, each a tribute to DC editor Julius Schwartz who had recently died. Each issue featured two stories based on a classic DC Comics cover of the past, reflecting Schwartz’s frequent practice of commissioning a cover concept, then telling the writers to create a story around that cover.

Issue List: