JLA: Seven Caskets

Genres: Action, Adventure, Superhero
Publisher: DC Comics

Vol 1: 2000
What happens when the premier heroes of the world, the greatest force for good ever known, become something…evil? That’s exactly what happens in JLA: Seven Caskets. All around the world, things are going bump in the night. Horrifying apparitions are manifesting from pole to pole. On the moon, the JLA are visited by a pair of ghostly twins who bring a dire warning: a Chaos god is awakening at the center of the earth. His coming is heralded by the restless spirits wreaking havoc worldwide. Among these are seven undead kings who served the Chaos God in ancient times. Should the seven kings succeed in fully rousing their deity, an eternal, evil darkness will claim the world forever. But as the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes split up to stop these adversaries, they find that their vaunted unity is quickly crumbling, and they no longer seem able to pool their strengths and quell their petty squabbling. The rules have changed and good may not always triumph against this twisting, warping evil. It appears the only way the JLA can save the day…is to become as evil as their foes. Even if they save the world…who will save the Leaguers from themselves?