Justice, Inc.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics

Vol 1: May 1, 1975
DC Comics again translated pulp fiction into comics with a revival of the icy-eyed 1930’s hero, the Avenger. Writer Denny O’NIel and artist Al McWilliams adapted the novel “Justice, Inc” by “Kenneth Robeson” (a.k.a. writer Paul Ernst). Globetrotting millionaire adventurer Dick Benson declared war on crime following the murder of his wife and daughter. The trauma had turned his skin and hair ghost white. Jack Kirby rendered the Avenger’s comic book exploits strating with issue# 2. Sadly, though, Justice Inc was unfairly swift, lasting a total of four installments.

Vol 2: 1989
By the time you met him in the pages of THE SHADOW, Richard Benson was an old man still practicing his craft, living off past glories. Now come back to 1948 when Richard Benson was in his prime as the renowned freelance crime fighter, The Avenger, head of the small band of criminologists known as JUSTICE, INC. The Avenger and his cohorts are enlisted by the CIA to infiltrate the upper echelons of the emerging Third World nations and impersonate their leaders. But as is often the case in affairs of intrigue, the circumstances of The Avenger’s employ are not what they seem. Richard Benson discovers the truth…and vows to destroy the Agency and all that it stands for.