Genres: Fantasy, Horror
Publisher: WildStorm Productions – Image Comics – DC Comics

Vol 1: February, 1994
The Kindred was a four-issue limited series originally published by Image Comics. The title featured the WildC.A.T.s member Grifter, teaming up with StormWatch’s Backlash against the Kindred. Characters featured in the title became part of the Wildstorm universe, which was acquired by DC Comics in 1998. The series spawned a sequel which was published under the WildStorm Productions imprint.

Vol 2: March, 2002
The Kindred II was a four-issue limited series published by WildStorm Productions, an imprint of DC Comics. The series featured the former Image Comics heroes Grifter and Backlash and their second battle against the Kindred in a story called “Bloodlines” (not to be confused with the DC Universe “Bloodlines” crossover.