Preacher: Dead or Alive

Genres: Action, Adventure
Publisher: DC Comics

Vol 1: 2000 – 2003
The acclaimed VERTIGO series PREACHER may have come to an end, but its haunting imagery lives on in PREACHER: DEAD OR ALIVE — THE COLLECTED COVERS. In the tradition of THE SANDMAN: DUST COVERS — THE COLLECTED SANDMAN COVERS book, DEAD OR ALIVE is a comprehensive collection of every cover painting of PREACHER by fan-favorite artist Glenn Fabry, in a handsome softcover edition that beautifully showcases his award-winning work. DEAD OR ALIVE collects all 66 covers of the monthly series, as well as the covers to all PREACHER SPECIALS, trade paperback collections, the PREACHER retail poster, and even the cover to Wizard: The Comics Magazine #71. Featuring an introduction by PREACHER writer/co-creator Garth Ennis, a foreword by Fabry, and a behind-the-scenes peek and running commentary throughout on the creative process behind each cover by Ennis and Fabry, DEAD OR ALIVE will makes a beautiful addition to any coffee table or art-book library. Each cover painting — reproduced free of logo and text — is accompanied by black-and-white reproductions of the artist’s initial cover sketches (including the ones that didn’t make the final cut) complete with notations. Fans of the popular series can now see for themselves what went on between initial concept and final execution.