Robocop: Mortal Coils

Genres: Action, Adventure, Movies & TV, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Vol 1: September 1993 – December 1993
Hot on the heels of the recent Dark Horse Comics “RoboCop: Invasions” story, this new four-issue series, brought to you by the same creative team of Grant, Gnazzo, and Patterson, gets off to a chilly start in the snow-covered environs of a strangely desolate Colorado. RoboCop and Marie Lazarus are looking for Coffin, implicated in the recent OCP break-in, and follow an FBI lead to Denver in search of the huge hatchet man. But before they get to delve into the reasons for Coffin being in Denver, they have to deal with Hooks and his band of high-tech highway scavengers!