The Rogues (Villains)

Genres: Crime, Thriller
Publisher: DC Comics

Vol 1: February 1998
The Rogues in an effort to prevent Neron from once again stealing their newly returned souls have traveled to a temple in an effort to gain the legendary Sun Disk of Meshita. Meanwhile the newly reformed Trickster watches on, preparing to take down his former comrades by having installed an alarm to call to the attention of the orders monks. However as the alarm goes off Heatwave notices a drawing on the wall representing each of the present Rogues and their abilities much to the groups bewilderment. However the Rogues are saved by the nephew of the warlord of the Region who declares that the Rogues are needed, The Trickster then reveals this to be a part of his plot, as the Warlord posses the Majee while the people are to believe the Rogues are the five elemental angels of the religions God…