Time Warp

Genres: Anthology, Sci-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics

Vol 1: Oct/Nov 1979 – Jun/Jul 1980
The “DC Implosion” had delayed plans to revive the sci-fi tradition that had been censored in the 1950s. DC wanted to bring back Strange Adventures (last published in November 1973) as a Dollar Comic-sized anthology. With the renewed popularity of sci-fi films the series eventually got the green light, though under a new name – “Time Warp” – that evoked more of a sci-fi feel.

Vol 2: May 2013
A series of time traveling tales, including Damon Lindelof and Jeff Lemire bringing a blast from DC’s past; another installment of the “Dead Boy Detectives” from Toby Litt, Mark Buckingham and Victor Santos Montesinos; Matt Kindt presents a stirring story of man vs. machine; and much more!