X-Men: Schism

Genres: Action, Adventure, Superhero
Publisher: Marvel

Vol 1: September 2011 – December 2011
Tired from an unknown adventure, Wolverine blows off a training session with the Five Lights and discovers the unwelcome knowledge that Oya lost all her toys when hunted as a monster (because of manifestation of her mutant powers). However, Cyclops refuses to let him rest taking him to the United Nations as his ‘Token Avenger’ instead. here, Cyclops delivers a speech that calls for the immediate disarmament of every country’s individual Sentinel programs. Just as representatives from each country try to exchange in debate, denying the existence of Sentinels, Kid Omega bursts into the room and assaults the delegates with a telepathic wave. Media coverage shows each delegate confessing to their own individual sins. Outside the UN Building, a truck is opened releasing a small troop of Sentinels which Cyclops & Wolverine soon destroy. Elsewhere, 12 year old Kade Kilgore assassinates his father by pushing him out of a flying car & shooting him as he falls. The boy is clearly a young genius, and has usurped control of his father’s business by becoming the new CEO.

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