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Genres: Action, Adventure, Superhero
Publisher: Marvel

Vol 1: October 2000 – December 2000
An all-new, epic adventure starring Doctor Doom! Trapped in the deadly deserts of Counter Earth (a.k.a. Doomworld), an armorless Victor Von Doom (a.k.a. the coolest bad guy of them all) battles for his very survival! To suceed, he must conquer the elements and rebuild his empire from nothing, destroying all those who would dare oppose his might! But his quest for power leads him into the hateful hands of Al-Khalad, and hard labor in his slave pits! What will happen when these two unyielding forces collide? One thing is certain: Doom will not be denied! Wrapped in steel and scoured by swirling sands of time, this sweeping saga of exotic locales and explosive action will at last fill in the gap between the events of FANTASTIC FOUR #25 and issue #30, and fully explore the inner workings of this captivating character! Brought to you with style by the top-notch creative team of writer Chuck Dixon (MARVEL KNIGHTS) and penciler Leonardo Manco! Remember how great Manco’s art was on the sold-out BLAZE OF GLORY limited series? Now just imagine him drawing Doom!

Vol 2: May 15, 2024
IN THE NEAR FUTURE… DOOM ALONE MUST SAVE THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! Legendary creators Jonathan Hickman (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, G.O.D.S.) and Sanford Greene (Bitter Root) send Doctor Doom on a journey unlike any he has undertaken before! With Valeria Richards at his side, Doom goes on a quest to harness more power than any human has ever wielded before in order to try to stop Galactus from bringing about the death of the universe!

Chapter List:

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