Power Rangers Zeo

Genres: Sci-Fi
Publisher: Image Comics

Vol 1: August 1996
Around the time of/in place of episode 22 of Power Rangers Zeo (Trust in Me), hundreds of Cogs and Quadrafighters attack Master Vile’s homeworld, Gamma-Vile, led by Klank in a gear ship. A hologram of Klank demands Vile to surrender Lord Zedd to the Machine Empire, as Zedd has secretly experimenting with some sort of great power in a plot to destroy King Mondo and reclaim his moon-base. Having over hearing Zedd’s transmission to Zordon about the Power Coin energies, King Mondo and Queen Machina suggest of withdrawing their army, now knowing thet had something to fight for, and contacted Klank. After the Zeo Rangers destroyed all of the Cogs and Quadrafighters on the planet, a monster named Scrap Heap appears from the debris. Klank loads Orbus into a tube in the gear ship’s control room, fires him out of the top cannon spires. As the Rangers battle a giant Scrap Heap, Klank left on foot to make a deal; Master Vile would soon lead him into Zedd’s laboratory as Rita and Zedd watched the battle from the balcony. Master Vile struck a deal with Klank whereby the Machine Empire takes the Power Coin energies and Vile gets some peace and quiet; taking the canister, Klank agrees, after they finish off the Zeo Rangers, and Vile approves, considering it as a personal favor.

Chapter List:

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