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Quantum and Woody

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Superhero
Publisher: Acclaim Comics – Valiant Entertainment

Vol 1: June 1997 – June 1999
Quantum and Woody (Volume 1) is a superhero humor series originally published by Acclaim Comics beginning in 1997. It was created by writer Christopher Priest and artist M.D. Bright. The series was cancelled with issue #17 and fifteen months later it was continued with issue #32 as if it had never been cancelled. Then the numbering resumed with #18 and the series was supposed to fill in the gaps, however, in early 2000 it was cancelled again after issue #21. The series was rebooted a decade later with Quantum and Woody Vol 2, and then received a direct followup with Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody.

Vol 2: July 2013
Quantum and Woody (Volume 2) is an ongoing series published by Valiant Entertainment between 2013 and 2014. The series is written by James Asmus with art by Tom Fowler. It reboots the superhero duo “Quantum and Woody,” previously seen in Christopher Priest’s Quantum and Woody (Volume 1) by Acclaim Comics.

Quantum and Woody is continued in Quantum and Woody: Valiant-Sized #1 and the mini-series Quantum and Woody Must Die!.

Vol 3: October 2017
Quantum and Woody (Volume 3) is an ongoing series published by Valiant Entertainment beginning in December 2017. The series is written by Daniel Kibblesmith with art by Kano. It features the world’s worst superhero team Quantum and Woody.

According to the indicia the official title of this series is: “Quantum and Woody! (2017)”.

Instead of a Brushed Metal variant cover for the first issue, Valiant offered “The Most Variant Cover of All Time!” featuring every gimmick known to man. Readers could pre-order a certain amount of issues and receive special pre-order editions (for the same cover price) with exclusive covers and bonus material such as character designs, scripts, and interviews. The first bundle would include issues #1-4 (later expanded to #1-5), and the second bundle issues #6-12.

Vol 4: January, 2020
Quantum and Woody is an upcoming four-issue mini-series published by Valiant Entertainment in 2020, written by Christopher Hastings and illustrated by Ryan Browne. It follows up the conclusion to Quantum and Woody (Volume 3), with the title characters on the run from the government, attempting to reestablish their lives as heroes.

Issue List:

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