Rise of Incarnates

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
Publisher: Marvel

Vol 1: September 2014 – March 2016
Times Square, NYC has been ravaged by war and natural disasters. Humans are fearful that those who have experienced an incarnate awakening, and as a result, wield the power of gods, are becoming too powerful. We happen upon Jedrek and Terrence, two incarnates recently brought together by a desire to fight for incarnate rights, while transporting a van full of weapons to help the cause. They are graciously giving Mireia, another incarnate who has joined the cause, and her sniper friend, Edgar, a lift. Suddenly, Gaspard, an insane and powerful incarnate terrorist who controls a zombie horde that numbers in the thousands, attacks them. Mireia and Edgar manage to escape, leaving Jedrek and Terrence to fend off Gaspard. Unable to hold him off in their human state, Jedrek transforms into Mephistopheles and Terrence summons Ares, the God of War. An epic brutal battle ensues, while Mireia and Edgar secretly set a trap for Gaspard. The instant their prey moves into range, the trap is sprung, and…KA-BOOM! Buildings, and hopefully Gaspard, are blown to bits.

Chapter List:

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