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Star Trek – The Animated Celebration Presents the Scheimer Barrier

Genres: Science Fiction
Publisher: IDW

Vol 1: September 13, 2023
Celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Star Trek: The Animated Series with this new adventure written by critically acclaimed writer and director Casper Kelly (Too Many Cooks and Cheddar Goblin) and drawn by Eisner Award–winning cartoonist Jonathan Case (Little Monarchs and Dear Creature), featuring the classic crew in the art style of the original cartoon. Kirk, Spock, Arex, and company tangle with a rogue scientist intent on proving his wild theory that the universe is actually a comic book. What if he’s right? And what if he develops the godlike powers of the comic book artist? And what if that power has driven him mad? Will our heroes find a way to defeat him and restore the universe?

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