Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Graphic Novels, Martial Arts, Superhero
Publisher: Mirage Publishing

Vol 1: 1984 – August 1993
The Turtles are cornered by the Purple Dragon gang and a fight erupts. After the Turtles defeat the Purple Dragon gang they evade the police by entering the sewers.
Master Splinter tells the Turtles for the first time their origins and asks the Turtles to kill the Shredder.
Raphael breaks into the foots compound, takes out a few guards, and leaves a note for the Shredder. The note asks Shredder to meet Splinters four deciples and fight to the death. Potential clients saw the defeated guards and immediately left saying that anyone who could not protect their own compound was not worthy of protecting theirs.
Later, Shredder meets the Turtles and brings foot soldiers. The Foot are defeated. One on one combat with the Shredder fails so they switch to team tactics. The Shredder is defeated. Leonardo hands Shredder one of his swords to kill himself with. Shredder then pulls a grenade. Donatello knocks him from the roof and he explodes in midair.

Vol 2: 1993 – October 1995
A month after the end of Mirage’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, the book was relaunched but this time published in full color instead of simple black and white. Both written and illustrated by Jim Lawson the book retained the continuity from the previous volume, started were the last story left off.
The first issue entitled “Shades of things to come” has each of the lead characters experience a dream or vision of the future, most of which takes place within the volume. Initialy the comic is slow paced with each of the three turtles in New York decided to find their own individual living spaces with Leonardo encountering other mutants in the sewers. These early stories had the build up of the lead villain Baxter Stockman who had transfered his mind into a robotic body with the intention of seeking revenge upon his former assistant April O’Neil who he blamed for betraying him. Finaly attacking April in the fifth issue he injected her with something, in a later battle with the turtles and their vigilante ally Nobody whom Donatello brought back with him from Northampton.
In the chaos of the battle with Stockman Raphael was missing. An enigmatic character named Mr Braunze who had been living in April’s building revealed that Rapahel had been captured by DARPA, the same organization whose experiments on him in the 1950s gave him powerful telepathic powers. Braunze led the three turtles, Casey Jones and Nobody to a DARPA base were they kept creatures they believed to aliens in hope of rescueing their brother. Raphael had also led an escape with the aid of several captured aliens including a Triceraton who activated a homing beacon which attacted a Triceraton mothership.

Chapter List:

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