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X-Men Adventures

Genres: Action, Adventure, Superhero
Publisher: Marvel

Vol 1: November 1992 – January 1994
Henry Gyrich is creating an army of Sentinels to combat mutants. As a test he sends one outto apprehend Jubilee. The Sentinel eventually locates Jubilee at a local mall. Luckily members of the X-Men areshopping within the Mall and join Jubilee destroying the sentinel and returning to Xaiver Institute for Higher Learning where they nurse Jubilee back to health. The X-Men decide someone within the government is using the Mutant Affairs registration to target mutants. They develop a plan to erase the data. As the X-Men are forming this plan Jubilee sneaks away only to be caught by another Sentinel. The X-Men begin their mission to erase the Mutant Affairs registration data. As they are about to enter the room Morph has a ominous vision.

Vol 2: February 1994 – February 1995

Vol 3: March 1995 – March 1996
The story opens with Leech of the Morlocks scurrying with an unusual weapon, and the Reavers and Lady Deathstrike in hot pursuit. Leech somehow escapes into the tunnels and comes to Callisto, handing her the weapon. Callisto says that with the weapon, she will be able to open an alien space-craft inside the tunnels and have the ultimate power for herself and the Morlocks. But their conversation is cut short. The Reavers arrive and after a short fight, overwhelm the Morlocks.
Deathstrike forces Leech to ring up the X-Men. Leech complies, talking with Wolverine, telling him that he is needed by Yuricho. He hangs up and tries to run, but the Reavers tie him up.
Wolverine is baffled by the sudden reappearance of his long lost love, Yuricho. He dreams of his past days with her. Then he follows the directions into the Morlock tunnels, unaware that he is stalked by Gambit and Jubilee.
Wolverine comes face to face with the Reavers and starts taking them out. But Deathstrike appears behind him. Wolverine is unable to attack her, recognising her as Yuricho. Deathstrike blames him for destroying her father, the man responsible for Wolverine’sadamantium claws. The Reavers take him down.
Gambit and Jubilee follow the Reavers as they go deeper into the tunnels. Eventually, the Reavers come to the alien spaceship. They free Wolverine upon condition that he is to help them breach the spaceship’s defenses. Wolverine tries to fight back and throws Deathstrike off-balance. She goes crashing upon the ship and is immediately caught in the force-field. The resulting psi-wave sweeps over the whole town and even through the X-Mansion. Charles Xavier senses danger and assembles the X-Men.

Chapter List:

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